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60 minutes


Learn about the way you were Designed . You were born with a unique energy profile that helps you to make decision in an aligned way.  

Unfortunately, society and well-meaning friends and family condition us to think, act, believe, and work the way they think you should. This can lead to increased stress levels and burnout. 

However, when living your human design experiment, you gain greater insight into the way you were made to function – how you were made to make aligned decisions, respond to the things life brings you, and make an impact on the world.

Understanding your Design is both validating and eye-opening. There will be some aspects that resonate incredibly deeply and other aspects that challenge you to contemplate how they show up in your life. But ultimately, the more you can decondition yourself from all the “shoulds”, the closer you get to your true self.

And when you live into who you were born to be, the more you can shine your light doing what you were born to do. And the world needs that!

So, here’s what I’ll share with you in our session:

  • Your Human Design Type – this is who you are and how your energetic field functions
  • Your Strategy & Authority – this is how you respond to life and make aligned decision
  • Your Profile – this gives insight into your character patterns and your purpose
  • Your Incarnation Cross – this is your storyline
  • Your Centers – these are different aspects of your being that provide you with areas of insight and wisdom, and also provide possible areas of conditioning

This includes a 1-hour Zoom session where we’ll go over all these things and a PDF summary of your Foundational Design aspects.

Let’s do this!

Ready to learn more about your Design and get started reawakening to the joy of who you are?  I know you are!  

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